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Our Story

Life Rewards Results is my
personal mission built on the foundation in taking action in helping others and providing the best wellness products available.

The “WHY” I created LRR is to help
others create a lifestyle that is
without limits and to embrace the unknown.

My aim is to challenge “Big Pharm” by
offering superior products that will
change people’s lives physically,
mentally and financially for the better.
And it so happens we sell the gold
standard of wellness products and take it to the next level.

Doug Siemens

Power of CBD with UltraCell Technology

Regardless of how high quality an oil-based supplement is, if your body is unable to absorb the oil, you will not feel the benefits. We all know that when you mix oil and water, the oil simply floats to the top. Because our intestines are lined with a fine layer of water, oils that we consume have a difficult time passing through the water barrier, leaving cannabinoids such as CBD with a bioavailability rate of less than 10%. This is why Zilis UltraCell was developed. Zilis proprietary technology enhances the bioavailability of their products, with up to a 94% bioavailability rate, as defined by the World Health Organization.